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If I could shift my thoughts I could break this ugly spell, freeing me to create a life, and break out of this jail.

Life has become so serious, dreaming can’t survive, we’re told what we should do; it’s horribly contrived.

My sphere of influence bombards me every day, breaking me down and keeping me at bay.

What are the triggers, too many to count; mass media, my family, my friends, my co-workers, the numbers continue to mount.

The palpitations of this stress are pounding in my chest; struggling for every breath, I’m yearning for some rest.

I must break this rhythm because it’s breaking me; I want to have a future that I can finally see.

This technology is a portal to help me make this shift, in incremental moments as long as I persist.

I use this tool to help me let-go, trusting my insight to build new roads.

I set it like a clock, to help me shift my mind; I use it throughout the day when I steal a little time.

I set it to my destination, to assist me when I arrive; I feel relaxed and confident, now I can enjoy the ride.
It’s a virtual transport to my inner world, where buried truth suppressed finally gets addressed.

It stirs me with insights, the knowledge I must use, in order to move forward, embracing this new muse.

Incremental moments are more important than you know, string them all together, and you’ll create a brand new whole.

Now engaged in my story, I connect the dots I once forgot; I discovered thoughts create my experiences; now I never want to stop.

Do you ever feel like your goals are out of reach?
Like opportunities are slipping away?
Do you toss and turn at night discontent with where you are in life?

We can help.

See happiness isn’t some far off illusion or make-believe concept ––
It is a direct result of your thoughts and feelings.

And while you can’t escape them you can control them, transform them into your greatest asset.

To assist you, we’ve created virtual experience remedies that will shift your mood to strengthen that vital energy.

Using the Shoshin Technique which is derived from the attitude of eagerness and a lack of preconceptions, our on-the-go stress tool will help you recapture that child-like enthusiasm –– so crucial to living a happy and healthy life.

A high-quality existence stems from eliminating the negativity that comprises our day-to-day.

It’s about finding your optimism, uncovering what means the most to you.

And MoodShift virtual experience points you in the direction of your heart-connecting desires.

What we sense in the virtual world triggers the same biochemical reactions as if the event was real.

In fact, to our bodies it is real.

And it’s designed to be accessible, to be at your fingertips assisting you day in and day out as you reclaim the peace of mind that you deserve.

Look, life is too short to exhaust time and energy on the small stuff and the little things that weigh you down.

Why not put yourself in the position to get the most out of every single day?

Why not find greatness in every moment?

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom