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ShiftMe Passport


Why ShiftMe is for you:

The stress you may be experiencing can stand between you and the life you want to be living. Reducing your stress by putting an end to demoralizing thought-loops is easier than we’ve been taught.

Get unstuck and stay unstuck from worry, fear, disappointment or anxiety.

As a society we are told that daily stress is just a part of life — the result of our fast-paced lifestyle. One day, we wake up with the shocking realization that we have a serious health issue or some aspect of our life has drastically changed because we ignored the impacts of stress. This is the defining moment that grabs our attention.

“Why did this happen to me?” “I just didn’t see this coming?” “How did I get here?”

The result at the end of the day—
living an unfulfilled life.

We understand that when you start living a life that you are excited about, it strengthens your life force — your will to live.

We want to help you strengthen your life force.

More about the technology:

ShiftMe Passports by MoodShift, a patented methodology, incorporates a technique we developed called the Shoshin Technique. Ancient wisdom embedded in the Dead Sea Scrolls is the foundation for MoodShift’s proprietary Shoshin Technique.

“If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
- Dead Sea Scrolls

Applying this technique will open you up to explore with your child-like mind. This technique paves the way for previously unrevealed solutions.

One facet of the Shoshin Technique involves using the Socratic Method––a non-judgmental style of asking questions. This method naturally develops sound thinking.

We are born with the “shoshin” attitude of openness and willingness to explore without hesitation. It is an attitude of eagerness and lack of preconception. The shoshin attitude is unencumbered.

As we socially adapt to the world around us, the cultivation of limited thinking evaporates the natural “shoshin” way out of our being. As we are pressured to follow the status quo, we start to distance ourselves from the core of our being. This process of limited thinking suppresses our life force. This stressful cycle becomes increasingly difficult to break.

ShiftMe Passports breaks this stressful cycle of limited thinking; putting an end to demoralizing thought-loops that keep you stuck.

You experience a practical application of “shoshin” when you engage this tool.

Just imagine…

recapturing your childlike enthusiasm;
dipping into a reservoir of encouragement and optimism;
seizing the day with high regard for the quality of your life

… all of this is possible, one ShiftMe Passport at a time.

What, When and How to use:

• Upon rising to set the course of your day.
• When you take a bathroom break.
• For focus when you shift gears from one situation to another.
• Any time you need positive reinforcement.
• To halt demoralizing or frightening thought-loops.
• Before you sleep for calming reassurance.

How to ShiftMe:

1. To begin, tap the “ShiftMe” button.
2. Immerse yourself in a one-minute stress relieving experience.
3. Answer your Insightful Question, choose:

Rewind — Immediately repeat your Passport experience. You must choose this option prior to selecting SAVE, SHARE or BURN. When you choose to immediately rewind, your current question & answer are automatically saved and you will receive a new question at the conclusion of your rewind experience.

Save — the date, question & answer are saved for later reflection/editing. You can choose to replay Passport experiences from your Saved Insights!

Share — Select from a list of social media options to Inspire — Motivate. Your shared insight is automatically saved.

Burn — experience relief from a burden that has been weighing on you; or, to send your thoughts out to the universe. Your message is permanently deleted.

Feel your stress melt away as you allow yourself to be drawn into a calm, private “space.” A space where solutions effortlessly emerge.

Designed to be at your fingertips, a single passport experience takes less time than a bathroom break. With repeated use, this app will begin to feel like a close friend you can call up anytime, anywhere.

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom